In This Season

by Liz McBride!

(free) 02:59


The lyrics and music for songs 1,3, and 5 were written by Liz McBride

All songs were arranged, performed and produced by Liz McBride.


released November 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Liz McBride! Youngstown, Ohio

"There are nightingales and nightingales. This one was a diva, a Callas. One would readily have disbursed a small fortune to hear her sing in a concert hall. Its tone, of an ineffable sweetness... Under a rich, deep, nocturnal sky, they would stand for an hour, hushed and spellbound, listening to the nightingale." ... more

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Track Name: In This Season
In this season we are told it's the coming of the Lord
Let's be happy-- overjoyed-- as we make way for the Lord

Hear, oh Heavens, listen Earth: For the world to be reborn, become humble, hide in ground, so your faith will be more sound!

To us a child is born; be not afraid, you all in stress
He will be called Mighty God; we will not walk in darkness


Shepherds gather with their sheep and the Wise Men heed the Word.
And for all who have not heard, soon He will save all the world.

Track Name: Spring Cleaning But of a Different Season
Throw it under the tree and say it's from me
but don't tell a soul what I've done
Spreading holiday cheer is what I do-- I'm sincere!
For you, I will wait till next year.

Go down my list as I write Christmas cards and get to you; what's the plan?
A year before, we talked, the laughs abound. Things have changed I have found.
Your gaze is fatal like another's gun. I see you out yet talk to everyone.
But in this season, let's not play this game... still, it's hard to reason...


A Christmas present for the one you love is meant to say without words, "I love you, dear, 'cause out of everyone, the pain from this year had worth."
But no one told me I was supposed to know on our first Christmas, I'd be left under the mistletoe!
You go on living like you've never known of all the bridges you've burned...


I'm almost desperate to find a way
to make the holiday cheer last. Between the parties and reunions,
I find I'm missing your laugh...
It's weird to say, but in the summer time, the future seemed unclear, yours and mine...
I went on my way, too, and sought to learn how to handle what comes


My resolution for the new year
builds on the one from the last: My heart, it's nothing but a tender spot; I'll stop regretting the past!
Just like Spring Cleaning, but of a different kind, the Christmas season is for spending time with ones who want your company as you want theirs... and for drinking fine wine!


Of you I will try to stay clear as Christmas is drawing near!
Track Name: Go With What You Know(This Christmas)
There's no excuse for last year; I'm the one who started the fight.
I couldn't help it though, dear, I wasn't ready to handle things right.
You knew before 'cause we kept score, but I'm not running from you.
I'll tell you what to do...

Go with what you know this Christmas
I promise I won't start a row
Believe me this time, I'll stay in line
You can count on me

I won't throw a fit when we pick a tree. I won't bitch about the holly...
Being with you is all I'll need; I'm right here, so tell me how you want me.
And your family, should they need me, too, I won't act aloof as if to say, "Who are you?"
Let the record show that I finally know the holidays aren't meant to be spent alone.
What we have is safe so let's embrace under that mistletoe!


Believe me this time, I'll stay in line!
Count on me to be what you need!
A year ago, how was I to know that I'd stop running from you?!
The season was my cue...