Beam Me Up, Scotty!

by Liz McBride!

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    The Scientists- Coldplay
    That Thing You Do- The Wonders, like from the movie with Tom Hanks
    From the Morning- A Nick Drake cover from summer 2011.

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It's been a long time coming.


released January 8, 2012

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Liz McBride! Except: 10, 11, and 12. Those are covers. Don't get it twisted.

So, like, all rights and shiz are reserved.



all rights reserved


Liz McBride! Youngstown, Ohio

"There are nightingales and nightingales. This one was a diva, a Callas. One would readily have disbursed a small fortune to hear her sing in a concert hall. Its tone, of an ineffable sweetness... Under a rich, deep, nocturnal sky, they would stand for an hour, hushed and spellbound, listening to the nightingale." ... more

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Track Name: Losada Zone
You have got to free your feet before your mind
You'll be pleased to find that peace is there
Like the sun, summer has begun to set, but you're not ready yet to find your home...

I'll pull out a chair and fine-dine with you,
So tell me if and when you're coming through
I sleep easier playing fantasy, but when you're next to me, I often lose it inside: Counting ceiling tiles, tapping out a symphony with my foot to let out why it's nice to know you...

Love was easier when I didn't care, but I am happiest knowing you're there. These skies tend to smile whenever you're around, so as these thoughts surround me, please tell me how to:

- Gain piece of mind
- Tie up my loose ends
- Say that I'm happy, plan to mean it again!
- Tie up my loose ends
- Get rest for tomorrow...
Track Name: I'm Just Waiting
I've run out of lines, run out of time, run out of ways to show you I'm fine
I've run out of leads, I'm walking on leaves, I'm trotting on eggshells, my stomach's in knots
I get sick lying awake at night
To make things right is not my only goal

I've looked at my life and realized that everything will start to function in time
I've made it my turn to not only learn that what you say can be nothing but lies, complete with half truths
That's not the way we should spend our youth

In making amends, I lost a friend. How can this idea even make sense?!
But with this one fact, I've learned how to act out in a way that promotes world good
Even when others take the piss, I guess that's the way it is...

I'm just waiting.
I'm just waiting on you!
I'm just waiting.
Track Name: No Dog In This Fight
No dog in this fight; I'm lifting up my white flag
Inside my right hand because now I see the truth
I will not win when you're pushing me away
Call this a good lie: I love you

No love in my heart, kid,
I am leaving soon again
Call this a goodbye, this note addressed to you
The stars in my eyes now will set at dawn in a new zone
I can't say I'm sorry; you never loved me too

No love in this mind; my heart is set on getting gone!
I see the sun smile as it shines down on my way
My thoughts of you are falling on the road behind me
The weight that once crushed me is turning into dreams
A phase that has ended is now a memory
Track Name: Memory Theater
Whatever fear is breaking us
we'll always take the sign
from the love we hope will save us
as we're moving through hard times

Where do we go now
while we're trying to find out
as the roads go on and on

Whatever sun will break at dawn
I promise I won't cry
for the love I hoped to someday own
by looking at the sky

How far do the roads go
or can we both just fly?
Why is it sad in my mind?

For the love we hoped to someday own
we'll have to recross paths
But for good and courage to carry on
all this should happen fast:

- For the mind's eye: help it return to peace
- For the day sun: help it to remain in love
- For the sad sky: keep it from turning gray...

By saying I'm sorry.
Track Name: Hyacinth Girl
Don't let the air stick on your breath from that cigarette, dragging you toward death. Why do I like it so when I'm alone?
The lies got better as you talked because your words are all for naught. Why is your body bound by what's around?

So I suppose that what I know is nothing more than feeling kept inside because of doubt.
But what comes out is something less since my own breath's escaping all around, into a world where I was born to die.

And as you're sitting in your chair, I can see you there, slouching without shame.
Why does the body maintain while the mind's destined to die because of pain and lies?

So what goes up must fall down all the same, but I see birds high in the sky, flying over earth. Is it their choice to stay above it all? Can science answer that which plagues the heart? Or is that art?

Hope has died with the one you love
You refuse to see with your own eyes, but others do

I love you is something often sought and falsely told to a tired soul until it grieves

Save your heart for the one you love
I was near to you but never dear like I believed...
Track Name: Whatever the Outcome
Where do we go when the wolves close on us?
What do we say when there's nothing but fuss?
See, I love you. Can you love too?
What do we say at the end of the day when you're tired but I want to play?
Will time go by? Will it get right?

A thousand years of romance preceded us. The cues, the keys, the concepts are not things we cling to.
In a thousand years has love finally taught to accept our faults, or have we learned new games?

Where do we go when we have lost the way?
What do we do when it all feels the same?
I'm losing my patience! Are all yours gone too?
What do we say on the answering machine?
"I'm working late, so let's do our own thing?"
Will time work with us? Will it get us right?

In an hour, I will change my view, which won't stop me from thinking of you.

Whatever the outcome...
Track Name: Crepuscule
Here comes winter with an iron fist
it came faster than we ever wished
Little eyes stay wide to see the sky rain down

I write ditties but I mean to say
things that others would throw away
I'm fine is a lie I sometimes tell

Thinking slowly, moving faster then another season comes. We'll say where does time go? We'll pause and then suppose

Senses often bring the memory back
years or decades to a time at last
when thinking seemed less hard and overrated

I remember feeling out of place
I stopped and wondered if there was a way to end this race, but where would we go?

Something's missing, am I dreaming?
Count to ten and pray to God that in this life there's more to see than what we're given here. Are you positive that one day we'll just be?
Track Name: Big, Beautiful World
"I can see tomorrow from here," he said, standing on the tomb "If I continued going up from here, I might even see the moon."
Whatever tomorrow brings...
"I can reach the tallest of the trees," he wrote, sitting at the desk. "Up there is where I want to be, seeing everything, knowing beauty lives and being at the line where truth and life divide."
Whatever tomorrow brings...

Out of me, onto you
he might know, but what's there left to lose?
Keep your eye, train your mind to stick to truth and finally learn to fly
In all fairness, where will I be? Will I see after whatever tomorrow brings...

See the world? It's big and beautiful...

With room to grow, we're free to find what we're after.
We're beautiful-- keep that in mind-- and we will see what tomorrow brings!